Welcome to Keystone Ki Aikido! We are a self-development martial arts organization that predominantly focuses on the teachings of Shinshin Toitsu. Shinshin Toitsu is a mind and body coordinated martial art that works to develop flexibility, balance and inner calm. This study emphasizes the development of relaxation, both in the practice of martial skill, as well as in everyday life. Since the core of our studies begin with these principles, new students need only possess a reasonable measure of physical fitness, the willingness to develop themselves, and an open mind.

Keystone Ki Aikido was founded in 1993 by Dick Miller, under the tutelage of Sensei George Simcox of the International Ki Society. Sensei Miller was a practitioner of several martial arts and earned belts in each of them, including: Judo (2nd degree black belt), Yoseikan Aikido (1st degree black belt), Ki Aikido (2nd degree black belt). The culmination of sensei Millerís studies eventually came to focus on Ki Aikido, which he augmented with his joint training, and which is still a part of our school today.

Our school is a not-for-profit organization, collecting dues only for the purpose of group expenses and dojo development. We welcome new students of any age above 17 for adult classes, and presently do not have any childrenís classes. Individuals who are interested in visiting us are requested to call the number given on our Dojo Information page, but are welcome to drop-in on a scheduled class if desired.